My Thesis in 180 Seconds


In collaboration with the general directorate for scientific research and technological development (DGRSDT). The University 8 Mai 1945, Guelma organizes the first edition of "My thesis in 180 seconds" Competition (April 15th 2020)

"My Thesis in 180 seconds" competition, concerns doctoral students from all algerian universities.  It  involves  their  research  topic  in  simple  terms  to  a  diverse  audience.  The  three  minutes presentation  should  be  clear,  concise  and  convincing about the research project. Participant   will  have  three  inutes to  present  his  or  her  research  to  a  multidisciplinary jury made up of researchers and non-researchers.

The challenge: make your thesis topic easily understandable in clear, concise and convincing in Arabic, French or English and with the help of only one slide

The competition website

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